• Welcome to the application intended for restaurants and for everyone who either by pleasure or by necessity like to enjoy a nice meal

    Restaurant Side

    SmartRestaurant allows you to manage your business from a single connected tablet.
    You can via your tablet manage your reservations and preorders, take orders at the table and have them printed, make the additions automatically with the ventilation, Principal, taxes and service, being paid with or without card, print a ticket and receive end of day summary of the additions and finally manage loyalty programs.
    With the pre-ordering system combined with the reservation online, you can better manage the delivery of the menus and the use of your tables, especially at lunch time, when everyone is in a hurry to be served:
    Your clients are happier!
    In addition, by extending the pre-order system, you will know in advance the quantities that you have to prepare: less loss!

    Customer Side

    With the reservation system and control in advance, especially when you do not have much time for lunch, you can decide what time you come to the restaurant, the food you want to enjoy and the precise time you want to be served:
    No need to wait in vain to be served!
    Either you know the restaurant you want to visit, in which case you simply go to its website which will redirect you on SmartResto or you're not yet decided on what tempts you most, in which case you will find your happiness by visiting www.SmartLocation.info or visiting the DIRECTORY page of this site.
    You will find there all the information you may need. And your table and the menu of your choice will be waiting for you.
    Enjoy your meal.

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  • What do you need?

    You need :

    • A tablet with or without a Sim card.
    • To be visible on the net.
    • To be registered by paying the annual subscription.

    Registration procedure :

    First step :

    You go on the website www.smartresto.eu and fill the license application form answering all the questions and indicating the number of persons who will use the application within your establishment.

    Second step :

    You make payment of the amount that will be communicated to your email box.

    Third step :

    You will then receive by email your username along with your temporary password.

    Fourth and final step :

    You go back to the website www.smartresto.eu and you change your password.

    Terms of payment of the subscription :

    1. In case you already have an account SSP or you will open an account: Just follow the remote payment procedure: there is no cost.
    2. If you want to use another method of payment: You can pay by transfer (you take in charge the cost) or using a credit card, in which case the amount payable is increased by 5%.)

    Ensure your visibility on the net :

    1. Either you have a website.

      In this case, you will receive via email a link that will allow you to insert a button that will send your customers to your page on www.smartresto.eu

      In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help.

    2. Or you want to create a profile page.

      We will create for you, for free, a web page based on the data that you will provide.

    3. In all cases appear on SmartLocation :

      Once the annual license payment done, your business will appear in our directory www.smartlocation.info with your logo (Your logo will be a link to your website or webpage), a photo of your establishment, its location and a link to your space in www.smartresto.eu to allow your clients to book a table and preorder their favorite menu.

    How does it work?

    Manage your reservations :

    By accessing your space on www.smartresto.eu you can choose the opening hours of your restaurant, the places available per time slot, limit or increase the number of bookings.

    Manage your menus :

    By accessing your space on www.smartresto.eu you can upload your menus.

    Manage your pre-orders :

    By accessing your space on www.smartresto.eu you can :

    • Specify the Menu that may be available at fixed time
    • Let your customers choose their menu and the time at which they wish to be served
    Take orders at the table :

    In the menu, the option "ORDER" allows you to specify the dishes, their quantity, cooking and seasoning details.

    You can then select the additional option "PRINT ORDER" to print the order in two copies (one for cooking, one for checkout).

    Make additions :

    In the menu, the option "ADDITION" allows you to specify the table and have your addition for such table.

    Payment :

    In the menu, the option "PAYMENT" allows you to choose the method of payment :

    • SSP
    • CARDS
    • CASH

    You can then select the additional option "PRINT THE ADDITION" to print proof of payment SSP or CASH in two copies (one for the customer and one for accountancy).

    Report :

    By the end of the day, you receive by email, the report of the payments to the day, in principal, interest and costs with a breakdown of payment methods.

    You will receive the same month-end and year-end.

    To come very soon :

    Loyalty Programs

    You will also be able to create your loyalty program, defining all necessary parameters.

    You can also follow the evolution of loyalty of your customers.

    Your customers will in turn also be able to follow the evolution of their loyalty card.


    To enjoy the benefits of a loyalty program, customers must provide contact information including email address.

    This will allow you to create a list of addresses that you can use for promoting your business

    And many other possibilities... but "chuut..., secret"

  • Phone Number : +6274488272

    Email : info@syde.co